Terms and Conditions (Retreats)

1. Payment

1.1.     In order to secure a place on the retreat, a deposit of 50% of your total retreat cost is required along with a completed Registration Form;

1.2.     Full payment must be made at least 1 calendar month prior to the first day of the retreat;

1.3.     If you book your place 1 calendar month or less prior to the first day of the retreat, full payment along with a completed Registration Form will be required at the time of booking to secure a place on the retreat;

1.4.     Early-bird Discount bookings will need to be made in full at the time of booking to qualify for the Early-bird Discount;

1.5.     Prices are in GBP;

1.6.     A contract shall not be formed until either a deposit or full payment and completed Registration Form has been received and accepted with a confirmation email.

2. Price Inclusions / Exclusions

2.1.     Please refer to the Retreat Schedule for the retreat you wish to attend for a list of items included / excluded from the full cost of the retreat;

2.2.     Prices typically include: accommodation, food and non-alcoholic drinks as described according to the retreat, all teaching, airport transfers (organised at the time/date determined by Core Belief Ltd. Attendees unable to make this transfer or arriving at different times/dates must pay for and arrange their own) and other activities listed on the Retreat Schedule;

2.3.     Prices exclude; alcoholic drinks, flights, travel insurance and other activities not listed as part of the Retreat Schedule.

3. Cancellation Policy

3.1.     If you:

3.1.1.      wish to cancel your place on the retreat please email your request to admin@corebeliefworld.com;

3.1.2.      submit your request to cancel your place more than 1 calendar month prior to the first day of the retreat, your deposit will be refunded;

3.1.3.      submit your request to cancel your place 1 calendar or less prior to the first day of the retreat, your fees paid will be non-refundable.

 3.2.     All cancellations incur a £30 administration fee deductible from any refunds due;

3.3.     No discounts, refunds or credits for failing to attend any part of the Retreat Schedule, or for arriving late or leaving early. Exceptions cannot be made for any reason, including weather, injury/illness, or personal emergencies;

3.4.     In the event that you do not pay the full cost of your place at least 1 calendar month prior to the first day of the retreat, or upon booking if booking less than one calendar month prior to the first day of the retreat, Core Belief Ltd. reserves the right to cancel your place and your deposit and/or fees paid will no longer be refundable.

3.5.     In the rare event that Core Belief Ltd. should need to cancel the retreat, deposits and fees paid in full will be refunded but we will not be liable for other costs you incur / have incurred (see Liability). In this instance, you will be notified of cancellation as early as possible. Please allow up to 14 days for this to take place and funds to clear. Alternatively, deposits and fees paid in full can be secured against another retreat of your choice (with any difference being paid by you if it is more expensive or a refund/discount if you choose a less expensive retreat).

4. Force Majeure

4.1.     In the event that Core Belief Ltd. should need to cancel the retreat due to events beyond our reasonable control, Core Belief Ltd. shall not be, nor shall be deemed to be, in breach of these Terms and Conditions and shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of the obligations forming part of the Retreat Schedule or losses incurred by you as a result of the cause or event beyond Core Belief Ltd.’s control;

4.2.     Without prejudice to the generality of clause 4.1, the following shall be (but shall not constitute the full or exclusive range of) those events that shall for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions be regarded as constituting causes beyond Core Belief Ltd.’s reasonable control:

4.2.1.      act of God, explosion, flood, tempest, fire or accident;

4.2.2.      war or threat of war, sabotage, insurrection, civil disturbance or requisition;

4.2.3.      acts, restrictions, regulations, by-laws, prohibitions or measures of any kind on the part of any governmental, parliamentary or local authority;

4.2.4.      import and customs regulations or charges;

4.2.5.      strikes, lock-outs or other industrial actions or trade disputes;

4.2.6.      teacher or instructor sickness or absence;

4.2.7.      delays or failures on the behalf of the venue or venue owners or organisers.

4.3.     Core Belief Ltd. has an unconditional discretion to respond to such events without forfeiting any relief under this clause 4.

5. Liability and Indemnity

5.1.     If you cancel your place, Core Belief Ltd. will not be liable for any costs or financial losses incurred by you save for any deposit due according to the Cancellation Policy stated above;

5.2.     If Core Belief Ltd. cancels your place due to any unpaid remaining balance less than one 1 calendar month prior to the first day of the retreat, Core Belief Ltd. will not be liable for any costs or financial losses incurred by you save for any deposit due according to the Cancellation Policy;

5.3.     To the extent permitted by law, Core Belief Ltd. will not be liable for:

5.3.1.    the death of or any injury to any person except when arising from negligence of Core Belief Ltd.;

5.3.2.    any loss of or damage to any property cause by you or anyone else during the retreat;

5.3.3.    any claims or other liability incurred by you whilst participating on the retreat;

5.3.4.    damage or injury to you resulting from pre-existing or historical injuries, health conditions (physical / mental), dietary requirements, allergies you fail to disclose on the Registration Form, or fail to follow the instructions and advice of the instructor(s) leading classes on the retreat;

5.3.5.    financial losses arising from cancellations or alterations to the retreat including airfares and other transport arrangements. Travel insurance should be purchased to cover this eventuality;

5.3.6.    costs associated with issues, delays, cancellations or changes to your transportation (e.g. luggage, flights) or your failure to get to the destination country for whatever reason.

5.4.     You agree to indemnify Core Belief Ltd. against costs incurred or liability resulting from any damage caused to persons or property resulting from your actions during the retreat.

6. Insurance

6.1.     No one books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it, but unexpected events do occur, so please purchase travel insurance and it is your responsibility to read and understand our Cancellation Policy;

6.2.     We recommend that you purchase your own travel insurance including trip cancellation insurance in order that your travel costs will be covered should you or your family have a medical problem prior to your trip or while on the trip. Travel insurance should have adequate medical cover in the event you have an accident while on the retreat. Please purchase travel insurance within 14 days of making your reservation.

7. Jurisdiction

7.1.     These Terms and Conditions are governed by English Law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

8. Severance

8.1.     If any term or provision in this agreement shall in whole or in part be held to any extent to be illegal or unenforceable under any enactment or rule of law that term or provision or part shall to that extent be deemed not to form part of this agreement and the enforceability of the remainder of this agreement shall not be affected.

9. Entire Agreement

9.1.     These Terms and Conditions and the relevant Retreat Schedule to it shall constitute the entire agreement and understanding between the parties with respect to all matters which are referred to and shall supersede any previous agreement(s) between the parties in relation to the matters referred to in these Terms and Conditions and the relevant Retreat Schedule / Retreat.

10. Medical Concerns

10.1.   Please notify us in advance if you are on any medication or have any health or dietary issues. For overseas retreats it is always best to check with your GP to see if you need any inoculations or medications. Sometimes these need to be taken in advance of your travel date;

10.2.   Retreats are offered and intended for recreation and are not as a substitute to medical treatments or therapies and it is your responsibility to notify us of any physical and/or psychological conditions. In the rare event that emergency treatment is required local emergency services will be relied upon. As some of the retreats are in less developed countries than the UK, you are required to purchase appropriate travel insurance;

10.3.   It is your responsibility to consult a doctor to check that you are sufficiently fit and healthy to undertake Pilates, yoga or fitness classes and other physical activities that you may choose to do whilst on the retreat;

11. Consent

11.1.   Instructors may occasionally touch you in order to adjust your posture during the retreat. If you do not wish for this to happen, please withdraw your consent by making it known to the instructor leading the class prior to the class commencing.

12. Amendments by Core Belief Ltd.

12.1.   On a rare occasion, changes may have to be made to the retreat schedule (e.g. teacher, class times or other arrangements), which we reserve the right to do at any time. If your accommodation must be changed for any reason, we will do our best to provide equivalent accommodation of a similar quality.

13. Complaints procedure

13.1.   We are confident that you will have nothing but positive things to say about the retreats and your experience with us! However, we value all feedback and of course are looking for ways to improve what we do and make our retreats even more enjoyable, rewarding and enriching;

13.2.   Feel free to email us at a convenient time for you and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible. We will listen to you and put matters right if we can.

13.3.   If you want to complain, please give us the following details:

  • Name and address
  • Details of the retreat
  • Contact details
  • A clear description of your concerns or complaint
  • How you feel things should be put right
  • Relevant correspondence / evidence of the issue or complaint.

Contact email: admin@corebeliefworld.com

We will aim to give you an initial response within 7 days and a full reply if matters are not resolved within 14 days. We will work with you to try and resolve your complaint as best as we can.

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